09 October 2014 by Mike

(A series of grunting noises)

I've finally taken my first step into the wide world of yesterday's favorite web technology with a new understanding of Grunt. It's par for the course that designers and front end devs are trendy, fad-prone folks with their eye to the future and an almost obsessive-compulsive desire to find the

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30 August 2014 by Mike

Curmudgeons: Get the facts straight

These days, there are more "solutions" to the problem of music piracy than you can shake a DMCA takendown at. While I'm somewhat in the Steve Albini camp of "we are passing the brief period of history where musicians were able to make a comfortable living," what I find interesting

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05 August 2014 by Mike

Better static sites with Jade

If, like me, you've been riding the current wave of preprocessors and static site generators, you're probably overwhelmed by the choices out there. As with musical tools, I tried to take my own advice and pick one thing to stick to for a while, see how it goes. I happened

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04 July 2014 by Mike on UX | UI | FED

If you can't build it all, build a strong foundation

You've researched, interviewed, put stickies on a wall, flowcharted, wireframed, and designed (mobile first, right?) to a level of total perfection and certainty, and your product or site is going to be great. You nailed it. Then you're asked to QA the beta. Where do you even begin? This thing

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03 July 2014 by Mike on music | pro tools | software

Harrison Mixbus first impressions

I've never worked on an analog console. Sure, I've sat with someone and suggested technical and creative engineering decisions while they operated, but the UI paradigm of a console is only useful to me because pretty much all DAWs use some form of it. I don't have any allegiance to

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27 June 2014 by Mike on music | ableton

Diego Stocco's Rhythmic Processing

Diego Stocco is an Italian sound designer who's worked with, among others, Hans Zimmer. He's perfected a fairly interesting technique of processing sound sources with some rhythm into multiple tracks of kick-snares, bass, and clattering beat-repeaters. Recently he started selling his secret sauce in the form of some impulse responses

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